Pokiey is a streetwear inspired clothing brand based in London, UK. We have the sole objective of creating and designing based on what we ourselves enjoy and find inspiration in

Our brand aims to be an embody the idea of being yourself and our creations are meant for those who look to follow and incorporate this idea into their own lives.

 Styles & Inspirations


We look to incorporate ideas and techniques from various places, both inside and outside of the fashion industry, we have the sole focus of creating pieces that genuinely look and feel appealing in terms of design, fit and fabric, while also keeping brands core in streetwear.

Who runs Pokiey?

Henry / Pokiey

Pokiey is currently a 1-man operation ran by myself (Henry), everything you see from the designs, to the website, the social media, etc, is done by myself unless stated otherwise. I also have to give credit to my friends for a lot as well because since the very beginning I've always gone to them to help me decide important details such as on what designs to choose from, what improvements I can make and so on. Shout out to Luca & Rory especially.